III International conference

"Discourse of Other as Jouissance"

November 17, 2017

After 1,5 years of unsystematic existence APXIV as an artistic multitude continues to research the strategies of the self-organisation without any vertical structures, or a single vector uniting fields. Is it possible to have a full or partial concordance in a spontaneous set of subjects? How to find your own discourse without recreating systemic relations being structured by language and culture?


On the 17th of November, 2017 APXIV has featured one-to-one discussion sessions with its residents in the form of speed-dating as a part of the closing event for the Third International Conference “Discourse of Other as jouissance”. Thus we renounce the traditional presentation format where the knowledge is passed from orator to the listeners and turn the structure to the dialectical form of the knowledge production which is created in a dialogue between an artist and a visitor.

Artists and topics proposed for discussion:

Ruslan Polanin: Children of the Saturn. Melancholy as an ontology


Olga Klimovitskaya: 

Female jouissance


Lika Gomiashvili: Archetypical models in the digital environment


Katya Granova: 

Exhibitionism as an artistic strategy


Vladimir Savostin: Consumption as an inability to accept death


Gosha Golitsyn:

Reality and the digital utopia


Ya Nzi:

Fluid identities and emerging in this context the concept of dissociative fugue


Maria Cheloyants: Gender-normative matrix and mass culture

Valentin Pirollo:



Sofya Ovchinnikova:

Implosivity of the meme into modern mind


Anastasia Soboleva: Room spectacles of war

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