Beginning of the Season /

6 oktober

October 6, 2017

This exhibition could be one of many others in the parallel programme of one more Biennial. If we look at the media propagation as one of the sensors of unceasing art production or one of its attempts to discover itself, does the topic have any importance? The artists will show one more time the results of their work, this time as an evidence of their continuous activity.


Ruslan Polanin

Olga Klimovitskaya

Ilona Vladovskaya

Lika Gomiashvili

Sofya Ovchinnikova

Valentin Pirollo

Ya Nzi

Katya Granova

Vladimir Savostin

Gosha Golitsyn

Maria Cheloyants

Anya Rotaenko

Kristina Cian

Anastasia Soboleva

Alexander Olkhovsky

Zaira Magomedova

Khalima Saidudinova

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