AP14. Coordination / spb. Performanceat the gallery Coexistence

The second part of the exhibition Coordination / spb

As part of the second part of the project, you will find: Broadcasting the exhibition at the Bertholz Center, sculptures by Vitaly Burykin, performance by Sofia Ovchinnikova and Katya Granova, as well as the work of Anna Kobzeva, Gosha Golitsyn and Vladimir Savostin.

About performance: At first glance, the artist and the cleaning lady have different tasks. For the cleaning lady - to remove all unnecessary and creating a void, for the artist - to bring something into the void. We decided to mix these two different in status and the place in society of the role and make a performance cleaning, where our goal is to remove the void through the introduction of form.


Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva Sofya Ovchinnikova Katya Granova Vladimir Savostin Gosha Golitsyn Vitaly Burykin


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