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“We must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.” Lewis Carroll, “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

At the beginning of the 90s at one of the key venues of that time - the Gallery on Trekhprudniy - the artists arranged the exhibition held once a week. But now, within the framework of the constant development and acceleration of technological and social processes, it becomes necessary to create “news hook”, literally speaking, every hour. So, within the project «APXIV 24» artists-residents of self-organization APXIV spend 24 hours on the venue where every hour they create the exhibition, or to be more precisely, the artistic statement.

There will be 24-hour live-stream from different points of the venue through various Internet resources: Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, artists’ personal pages. So, in order to restore the full picture of the exhibition happening on the venue, the viewer needs to follow the events in several windows of the browser at the same time or constantly navigate through the Internet platforms.

First of all, the project «APXIV 24» is a demonstration of artists’ self-organization work and its functioning in the real time, but at the same time this is a research on the undividedness of work time and rest, which leads to even more priority enhancement of the process over the result. Also, one of the most important part of this event is the idea of “the economy of presence” within the context of the world acceleration , including in connection with new media, and an attempt to keep up with this movement.

ATTENTION, There was 24-hour live-stream of the event on our Youtube channel, Facebook group and personal Instagram pages (links for it was published on the day of the event). The entrance to APXIV for visitors was closed during the event. Except one hour, for which a special open call was created. Thus, the viewers got the excursion hour of the event by filling special application.

Timetable «APXIV-24»

12:00 – Theory of self-organization. Discussion with Svetlana Baskova.

13:00 – The practice of self-organization.

14:00 – Performance "Mirror"

15:00 – Straight root

16:00 – Hour Х

17:00 – Teleconference with an exhibition "The parts of the transparent lands" https://www.facebook.com/events/1209333882539977/

18:00 – Art draw

19:00 – Excursion on request https://goo.gl/forms/ixF4pzLcWW4nWZ6w2

20:00 – Recording a song about APXIV

21:00 – APXIV's cooking

22:00 – New Horizons

23:00 – Digital pleinair

00:00 – Modulation

01:00 – Answers to questions from the audience under the heading “What did the artist want to say”

02:00 – Reenactment for good luck

03:00 – “Everything is assembled” or an hour-long production photo as a keepsake

04:00 – Women's work

05:00 – Shop on the sofa

06:00 – Prevention

07:00 – Improvisation

08:00 – Traces of absence

09:00 – Conference "Understanding Time in the Context of Art"

10:00 – Instagram exhibition

11:00 – APXIV Cleansing


Anastasia Soboleva Olga Klimovitskaya Sofya Ovchinnikova Valentin Pirollo Ya Nzi Vladimir Savostin Nikita Kaem Anna Kobzeva Lika Gomiashvili Ruslan Polanin Gosha Golitsyn Maria Cheloyants


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