at the Presence @fotodepartament festival in St. Petersburg

Horizontal connections always imply finding a balance - both in the internal communication (within oneself) and in the external one(within a group or as a group with the outsiders) communication. The search for an equilibrium in opinions, ideas, participation, attention and influence becomes the major daily practice for the horizontal self-organization.

The pulsation of the system freezes itself in a moment of stability to dissipate instantly, reassembling into a new formation. “New Balance” is a simulator, developed in the APXIV laboratory. Training on the simulator activates the cerebellum, which is responsible for coordinating movements and regulating balance. The simulator develops the skill of keeping stable balance required for the participants of the self-organizations and other communities, practicing horizontal connections. You can train on your own or in a group.

The longer you manage to maintain the balance, the deeper you immerse yourself in the horizontal communication processes.


Anastasia Soboleva Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva Danya Orlovsky Ilona Vladovskaya Katya Granova Lika Gomiashvili Nikita Kayem Olga Klimovitskaya Sofya Ovchinnikova Vladimir Savostin Ya Nzi

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