Homo legitimate

Homo legitimate / legal person. Performance-ritual-installation.

The laws laid down in the constitution, are not always carried out properly in practice, and their implementation in a rational way is sometimes not possible. But faith the likelihood of a beneficial effect of the text itself on citizens (even never not reading the constitution) prompted to the idea of ​​creating a performance ritual that appeals to the good forces that can implement these laws.

The author did a great job talking about his project with citizens (more than 300 people) in different places, simultaneously proposing to star in a video with the constitution in support of the project. Conversations took place on the beach, on the street, in a park, in an office, in a train, in a taxi, at exhibitions, corporate parties and birthdays. Talking about his project, the author was interested in the views of people and attitude to the constitution. An important aspect of the project was the interaction with people and the formation of short-term spaces, micro-environments. Thus, enlisting the support of precisely these interviewed citizens (or rather their digital avatars), a ritual of invoking good forces will be held in APXIV’e on Constitution Day, by reading the text of the constitution.

On December 12th we invite you to celebrate Constitution Day in the APXIV, with Vladimir Savostin personal exhibition.


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