Not in this dimension

On April, 2019 the APXIV was invited to take part in Art Week in Budapest

The creation of the event, the presence of spectators and our interaction with them are extremely important parts of APXIV's practice. We are not in the exhibition space right now, but if we were, it would definitely feel much warmer.

During every exhibition day we send the average temperature of the APXIV’s collective body. This temperature depends on our interaction within the group, our emotional status, what we do throughout the day, and the presence of spectators.

Thus heaters became actors to represent our presence. The heat we radiate and the heat radiated by the heaters becomes a joint system that precisely reproduces the thermal effect of our presence.


Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva Ilona Vladovskaya Lika Gomiashvili Katya Granova Nikita Kaem Olga Klimovitskaya Sofya Ovchinnikova Vladimir Savostin Anastasia Soboleva Ya Nzi Danya Orlovsky Gosha Golitsyn Maria Cheloyants Ruslan Polanin

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