Open jam-session

APXIV continues to work with immersive practices, this time in the field of sound.

We turned to our soul mates, the community, to create a single, spontaneous, minimally controlled sound environment.

Conditions: 1. participants bring musical instruments with them, you can use both electronic / virtual and acoustic, 2. and switching to the mixing console (big jacks for the mixing side, the longer the wire, the better). 3. if you want to sound independently - a local, autonomous sound source Musical instruments or patches that are capable of producing discrete sounds and rhythm-pitched patterns, as well as local sound sources and small mixers for submixes, are especially welcome.

The orchestra is conducted by Viktor Chernenko, a composer, mathematician and programmer.


Victor Chernenko SoundArtist CybOrk Lika Gomiashvili Katya Granova Nikita Kaem Olga Klimovitskaya Sofya Ovchinnikova Vladimir Savostin Anastasia Soboleva Ya Nzi Danya Orlovsky

#jamsession #moscow #APXIV #НИИДАР

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