Party Museum

Gallery Salon 75 Copenhagen

Party is an important cultural component of our life. The roots of the party go back into the deep foretime and to ancient ritual practices. Despite the secularization of the modern world the party still retains the symbolism of actions and in party’s ceremonial realizes the mutual exchange of symbolic and cultural capital. To uncover this topic APXIV conducts their investigation and presents it in the Party Museum.

APXIV – Independent self-organization of artists based in Moscow

Calculation – Curatorial project on artistic exchange and intercultural research.


Anastasia Soboleva Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva Gosha Golitsyn Danya Orlovsky Katya Granova Lika Gomiashvili Maria Cheloyants Nikita Kaem Olga Klimovitskaya Ruslan Polanin Sofya Ovchinnikova Vladimir Savostin Ya Nzi

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