Pleiad of the Complementary Existences

On the border of the calendar years moving from the format of dialectic production of knowledge to its material embodiment, an artist continue to research the topics discussed during the speed dating at III International conference “Discourse of Other as jouissance”.

In the dynamic pulsation of the collective thought freedom is manifested equal for all that leads to the following understanding: it is impossible to stop the decision making process in the fixed point so that everyone would be happy . By silencing your own voice to hear another one in the polyphony of opinions and losing the familiar landmarks, we expect to discover once again the invisible tension that unites us.

Thus, this pulsation in itself is our form, storing every moment a new configuration of the microconsensus that comes to replace the previous one, which is ready for decay and rebirth into the next one. By listening to each other APXIV system develops like a network of nerve cells of a living organism. The metabolism of the system leads to the strong tension of its cells and necessity to continue the action.

In the attempts to find or construct semantic fields that unite them the participants pass through the series of the individualism and anonymity experiences. Existing inside the spectrum between these polarities, the artists discover a pleiad of the complementary existences.


Ruslan Polanin Olga Klimovitskaya Lika Gomiashvili Sofya Ovchinnikova Valentin Pirollo Ya Nzi Vladimir Savostin Gosha Golitsyn Maria Cheloyants Anastasia Soboleva Lika Gomiashvili Katya Granova Nikita Kaem

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