The concept of Unheimlich is usually connected with the notions of unknown, mysterious or with projections of our fears outwards and the return of the suppressed.

In our turn we would like to examine the Unheimlich as the habitual course of things breaks, intrudes into the reality, tearing and distorting its symbolic fabric. We want both to detect the automatic and mechanical in the human being which will allow us to experience ourselves as artificial beings and find something alien in ourselves.

If we look at the surrounding objects we can find something redundant and otherworldly in them, which gives them the exceptionality and elevates to the rank of a Thing. And in certain way that unites the field of Unheimlich with the art practices as the work of an artist is also something that contains more than the object itself. Unheimlich can also be an artistic instrument, which is able to reveal other dimensions of our existence and see the unexpected forces. Thus, in our exhibition we access the Unheimlich as an aesthetic category, as our common place.


Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva Katya Granova Sofya Ovchinnikova Ruslan Polanin Ilona Vladovskaya Ya Nzi Natalya Goncharova Stepan Vladovskiy Olga Klimovitskaya Valentin Pirollo Gediminas Daugela Gosha Golitsyn Maria Cheloyants Vladimir Savostin Nadya Sveir Anya Rotaenko Zaira Magomedova Khalima Saidudinova


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