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Towarischi and Towarki!

Isn't it time to stretch your digital legs and arms (or whatever you have)? On May 1st APXIV launches holiday simulation through labor simulation.

The proposed world is large and full, one can safely approach each other, move freely and even interpenetrate in it. Paying for Infinity - Degradingly Long Entry Period! Registration, three registrations and a password.

Instructions for obtaining a digital pass are published below.


Anastasia Soboleva

Danya Orlovsky

Olga Klimovitskaya

Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva

Sofya Ovchinnikova

Vladimir Savostin

Ya Nzi

Ilona Vladovskaya

Lika Gomiashvili

Katya Granova

Nikita Kaem

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