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March 29, 2018

For our new project APXIV GROUP employees asked our customers what art exactly they would like to see on the show. Often the feeling of dissatisfaction, failed expectations and wasted time, got by people after visiting one more show, make them overdrink on the reception and swear not to attend openings for at least one week. In the attempt of overcoming this situation we have collected requests, suggestions and proposals, and have materialized them on our new exhibition.

Capitalism is currently both our reality and habitat, all-pervading and omnipresent. Life is developing in the capitalistic terms and it is constructed by the current economic realm. The moving force of the capitalism is various desires, including the desire to be accepted by the others, moreover, no subject can exist without the other. The concept of the other is built on the narcissistic aggressive differentiation. We percept the gradual disintegration of the subject until it reaches the point where the very subjectivity is refused as an effort to built the subject as an object of the global market relationships in the system.

Our ontology becomes our economics, while human relations are mediated by the commercial relations. We live in the century of the commercial-oriented ontology.

Is it possible to create a different system where desire can circulate freely in the fair exchange? These question is a major matter of interest for APXIV GROUP employees, who are trying to create the fair exchange with the viewer on the market of desire.


Ruslan Polanin

Gosha Golitsyn

Maria Cheloyants

Olga Klimovitskaya

Anastasia Soboleva

Sofya Ovchinnikova

Valentin Pirollo

Ya Nzi

Vladimir Savostin

Nikita Kaem

Alisa Kibin

Mitya Zhuravlev

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