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О Нас

Really huge artist collective


space-time structure,

in the process

of constant transformation.


of configurations

is generated

by the degrees

of freedom of its elements

and forms the field of independent statements

About us


Gave five vague interviews. Organized a self-organized round table for self-organization. Kept the pool full during the hot summer. We held 24 exhibitions in 24 hours, one of them invited the audience. They seduced the viewer with discourse, fulfilled his wishes. Hacked the Biennale. Moved Baikonur. Fourteen of them curated one exhibition. They watered Copenhagen residents with mushrooms and buckwheat. Post-post-colonized St. Petersburg. They got galoshes in Kostroma. Three times were applied for Innovation and Kandinsky (it seems twice, but still useless). Nominated but not honored with the “Non-Profit Institution of the Year” at Cosmoscow-2018. The ship was immersively captured. We celebrated two weddings. Remotely warmed the audience in Budapest with their warmth. Collected the largest DNA base of the Moscow art scene. We recorded an album with the artists and visitors of SAM FAIR 2019. We erased the boundaries, pushed the boundaries, explored the fields, speculated on intangible values, forced communication, offered the strange, fit into the doubtful. They brought themselves to the hand and foot, tirelessly building an elusive utopia.

At various times, our residents were: Ruslan Polanin / Gedeminas Daugela / Stepan Vladovsky / Gosha Golitsyn / Valentin Pirollo / Natasha Goncharova / Maria Cheloyants / Alisa Kibin / Ilona Vladovskaya / Anna Tagantseva-Kobzeva / Petr Pirogov / Sofya Ovchinnikova / Olga Klimovitskaya / Anastasia Soboleva / Lika Gomiashvili / Danya Orlovsky / Ya Nzi / Nikita Kaem / Vladimir Savostin /

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Really huge artist collective ARXIV / Planet Earth / Virgo Supercluster

In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

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